Make Whales With Clothespins!

Want to make some whales? Grab a clothespin, some glue (or tape), construction paper, a pencil (or crayon), scissors, and googly eyes (if you have them). We will teach you how!

Students making clothespin whales

Students making clothespin whales


1. Use the pencil to draw your favorite whale on a piece of construction paper.

2. Take your scissors and carefully cut the whale from the paper.

3. With the scissors, cut the mouth from the whale’s body.clothespin

4. Glue the top of the mouth, with body attached, to the top of the clothespin.

5. Glue the mouth to the bottom of the clothespin.

6. Glue (or draw) an eye onto the top of the whales head.

7. Tada! You know have a whale you can play with!

Clothespin whales

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