Learn about a mom and calf humpback whale and their adventures in Antarctica by watching this short film. After viewing, test your knowledge about what you have learned from the video here!

Produced by Reny Blue Tyson, PhD. Video is geared for elementary students to learn about some of the research she and her colleagues conducted: the tagging of a mother and calf humpback whale in the Western Antarctic Peninsula. The research is described in:

Tyson, R. B., Friedlaender, A. S., Stimpert, A. K., Ware, C., and Nowacek, D. P. (2012). Synchronous mother and calf foraging behaviour in humpback whales Megaptera novaeangilae: insights from multi-sensor suction cup tags. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 457: 209-220.

Cant access YouTube?? Try watching the film at Clean Video Search:

Thanks to all of the scientists and crew who participated in the research and star in the movie. A special thanks goes to Wyatt and Jack Nowacek for their help making this movie! All pictures and videos of humpback whales were taken under NMFS MMPA Permit 808-1735 and 774-1714-10 and the Antarctic Conservation Act Permit 2009-014. Scientific activities were supported under NSF grant number ANT-07-39483. The movie was produced with assistance of a grant awarded by the Scientists with Stories Project at Duke University and the University of Chapel Hill and the Kenan-Biddle Partnership. The 3D visualization used in the movie was produced in TrackPlot, created by the Data Visualization Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire.


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